Startup Communities Development and Partnership Programmes
KSUM has invited proposals from startup communities who have been engaged in promoting entrepreneurs, pursuing startup evangelization activities and value adding to the startup fraternity by any means. 
The new community programme aims for identifying and pooling in more potential startups for KSUM, who are outside the radar of KSUM and to identify value-adding stakeholders to this startup ecosystem. It is primarily an out bounding activity.
Eligibility Criteria
  • The community should be registered in Kerala. NGO or Not profit company is preferred
Benefits of Scheme
  • The programme offers Community Grant of Rs.3 Lakhs/year as per the performance of the communities in 2-3 installments.
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Outcome of Scheme
  • Startup evangelization activities exposing KSUM Schemes & Support Programmes. Preference to student startup and women startups motivation & encouragement. KSUM expects a strong pipeline of potential and investible startups from and outside Kerala, who wish to start their venture in Kerala.

  • Pooling of Mentors and Mentor Connect or Providing Mentorship during startup phases of Prototyping, Product development, business growth or scaling up and /or Investor Connects in coordination with KSUM. KSUM expects to enlarge our mentor pool by 3 times this year, which can be used by all startups in Kerala through KSUM. The mentors should be at least 12-15 years of combined experience being entrepreneurs and industry experts.

  • Hand Holding with at least 25 potential startups throughout their entrepreneurial journey for a year along with KSUM and to update them with possible value additions, supports, partnerships happening in the Indian /Global Startup Ecosystem including Seed Investments, Corporate Co, Institutions etc. KSUM expects to disseminate the state/national/global startup ecosystem updates to reach all startups in Kerala and reap benefits upon it.

  • Scouting and pooling potential startups for KSUM specific programmes like IPOs, Women Entrepreneurships, Fablabs & Futurelabs, Global Connects, IPRs, Technology Licensing & Commercialisation etc by creating pipelines or hand holding sub activities. KSUM expects to identify more innovative technology startups and to offer our services.